Friday, July 22, 2016


Waiting for my friends to show up!

Yesterday I held my second book group of the summer at Starbucks.  There were only four of us but boy did we have some great conversation about Sara Pennypacker's much loved and talked about book of 2016, Pax.  There was definitely consensus that this book will make our Newbery 2017 list for fifth grade.

"The book was filled with metaphors with a strong theme of loyalty," one girl expressed. "I learned that it is not a perfect world."

I gave the kids some sentences to complete and here's what they said:

My favorite character is...

...Runt because he is playful and liked Pax from the start, even though Bristle tried to keep him away.

...Pax because I like his personality.  It comes across as inviting through the author's writing.

...Bristle.  I liked Bristle because she cared deeply for Runt.  It was sweet when she finally warmed up to Pax.

I could relate to Peter when...

...he took Vola as a friend because I'm always willing to be a friend.

....he felt sad about not having his pet by his side.

I felt angry when...

...Peter found out that his dad knew about the war coming to where he wanted to leave his fox, but didn't tell him.

...his dad was pressuring Peter into doing some things he didn't want to.

...Peter sent Pax away.  Also when hearing how angry Peter's dad got and how sometimes he would take it out on his own son.

And about whether they liked it or not and what made it "distinguished":

This book has good detail and description about the setting.  Also the author uses characters (foxes) that others might not use often.

I think it has some things you could relate to and parts that made you think and feel.

Amazing descriptions of characters, feelings, setting.  Good plot.

I am looking forward to sharing this book with more students in the fall!  It will definitely be a Newbery book group book for sure!

This young lady is going into fourth grade and had so many good things to share!

This rising 6th grader came to every book group last year and looks like she will be at every one this year, too!

I knew that this rising 6th grader read Pax in the spring but I invited her to join us at the last minute.
She came straight from camp! Hooray!

The obligatory, hot and humid Summer Leap for Books!

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