Monday, August 22, 2016

Pond Babies StoryWalk

Greetings from Carolina Beach, North Carolina. This is one last escape that includes reading on the beach till sunset, salt water galore and just plain rejuvenation before the start of another, what is already looking to be, an awesome school year. 

This morning we took a walk around a little lake that we learned last night was thought to be the closest fresh water lake to the ocean until another one was discovered. Hmmm...Interestinf bit of local history.  Isn't it always that way? But what was coolest about this lake was the story walk. I had heard about these and even reached out to PE last year to see if we could do one but had never followed one myself from start to finish. It was fun! Especially since there were a couple of opportunities to jump and leap! 

Let's start from the very beginning. First it's really cool that the book "Pond Babies" was published by Down East books! My parents used to live in Waldoboro, Maine, which is just around the corner from Camden! Anyway, each display has a page from the book to read and then a direction for something physical to do. Check out the first page!

Thankfully, we saw turtles and fish so...

...I did 10 jumping jacks!

Read a few more pages and check this out: 

And finally, the last pond baby is:

What a fun way to read a book! I definitely want to figure out a way to collaborate with PE and/or maybe music, our public library, the local state park and of course, classroom teachers do so something like this in our community. Thank you for the fun and inspiration! 

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