Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy Book Birthday to "A PIg, A Fox, And Stinky Socks"!

That sneaky fox is up to no good again!  Remember the 2016 Geisel Honor winning book, A Pig, A Fox, and a Box by Jonathan Fenske?  That's the book I can never read aloud without laughing?  Well, those two fellows are back and again, we have to watch out for Fox!

You won't be able to look down at your stinky socks the same way after reading this book.  My little brother used to put his stinky socks under my pillow.  Ewww.  Fox, in the same mindset, thinks he can trick Pig by putting his socks in a box as a "gift" for Pig.  A box?  Yes, fans of the first book will recognize it, all taped up but still usable.  Will Fox learn his lesson that he can't fool Pig?  You will be laughing and shouting, "Oh NO!  If he throws those socks in the laundry basket, he will....!!!!"

Today all the first and second graders got to wish Jonathan a happy book birthday via Skype and then enjoy some green "slop."  Jonathan had given me a heads up about the slop.  What stinky thing could Fox sneak into Pig's food?  Fortunately for our students, the "surprise" was just green food coloring.

Technology hasn't been working perfectly for me lately, but we still managed to listen and watch Jonathan read the book aloud, ask a few questions and then sing "Happy Book Birthday!"  He even "called" us back to show us the picture of the stinky socks he drew!  He promises to visit us in Castleton soon.  In the meantime, we'll start saving our boxes and thinking of tricks.  Thanks, Jonathan, for a great virtual visit!

Jonathan has to visit us! We sold over 50 books and we didn't even meet him face to face.  What would that be like if we had the opportunity to get signed copies of his books?!  Even our custodian bought one! Book your flight today, Jonathan!  Just sayin'...

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