Monday, May 8, 2017

Daniel Miyares Part 1

Leaping with Daniel last night

I promised myself earlier this evening that I would blog tonight.  Tonight, per se, is almost over but it still counts.

Almost two years ago (really a year and a half, but almost two years sounds better), I opened my Junior Library Guild box and found a gorgeous book inside.  I read it, shared it, read it again, told everyone about it and even emailed the author.  That book was Float by Daniel Miyares.  I fell hard for it then and still love it today.

Then a crazy thing happened.  My eyes caught something on a poster I had for Kwame's new book, Surf's Up.  Daniel was the illustrator! How could this be?  So we all got more excited.  We threw a "Please Come to CES" party with everyone dressed in Hawaiian attire and sent all the videos to Daniel.  We were on a serious mission to bring him to Castleton, if not for Surf's Up, for something else soon.

Since then we celebrated another book birthday for him in June: Bring Me a Rock and performed a rendition of that book at a monthly morning assembly in November because...

...we had made a date with Daniel to come in May! MAY?!  Yes! THIS MAY! May 9 on the book birthday of his newest book, That Neighbor Kid. That's just hours away!!!

We love everything about this book and 4th graders have taken upon themselves to post hashtags about it all over school:

#hammerandnails #blueprints

Mrs. Warland (Doe) with Daniel and her granddaughter, Emma

Daniel's signature grey early in the book becomes mixed with vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow as the friendship and teamwork between the boy and the girl flourishes.  After hard work and determination, their treehouse is complete and how better to celebrate this accomplishment than with a box of juice?

The most talented Daniel is here in my zipcode and we are thrilled to honor him all day as we sing our praises (and Happy Birthday) on the book birthday of That Neighbor Kid and have a gala in his honor in the evening.

ps-When you get your own copy, don't forget to check under case cover.  More surprise beauty lies secretly hidden there.

With Mrs. Harris

With our art teacher, Mrs. Pazienza.  More on our collaboration tomorrow!

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