Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A couple of days of Sarah Weeks!

I am embarrassed to say that I had not read Sarah Weeks's  So B. It until yesterday.  But you know what, I'm ok with that.  I was in the right place (my cozy bed) and I just sunk into my pillows and soaked it all in.  Now I cannot wait till the movie! "Save me a seat" now! (all puns intended of course!)

Sarah has an incredible way of developing her characters.  I love them all.  One of my all time favorite kids is her Oggie Cooder and So B. It's Heidi, Mama and Bernie are no exception to people you just want to invite over for dinner. So B. It, a book about family, home, love and even friends who share devil dogs.  Why do we always have that need, longing or at least strong desire to find out where we came from, so much so that it may take us thousands of miles from home to try and find out?

Before you see Hollywood's take on this book, make sure you read it first to form your own visions of Heidi, the adjoining apartment with Bernie, Mama's tea, the cross country Greyhound trip, Roy and Ruby's home, Elliot and Hilltop.  My big question of the day--Will Liberty, NY look like Liberty, NY?  I will know since that's where my father was born and raised.  I'm tasting those 1970s Katz's brownies right now...Yum. They'd tasty especially delicious with a side of 1527 jelly beans.

Today my son and I drove to New Jersey to meet his best friend from sleep away camp.  We downloaded Jumping the Scratch, a perfect book for us to listen to on our 4-hour round trip road trip. Very Sarah Weeks--intense, mysterious and great characters.  There was even a part where I was on the edge of my seat, hanging onto the steering wheel where my heart was beating faster than ever.  After reading this book, I won't look at a can of cherries or a gravy boat the same again.  Next Sarah Weeks book on my list: As Simple as it Seems.

And did you know, you will soon be able to get a copy of Oggie Cooder again?  I'm so excited by this because I don't actually own a copy!  I believe it will be released in January, Oggie Cooder and Oggie Cooder Party Animal together in one book called, Cheese.  Yay!  Upper elementary kids will be breaking out the American cheese again to start working on their charving skills.  I love it!

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