Sunday, December 27, 2015


What did you do last night?  I had a date that I have been putting off for a few weeks and am glad it finally happened.  Kwame Alexander's Booked (release date April 2016) and I finally got together and it felt like I scored a homerun, well at least a goal or simply blackjack with a side of a red velvet cupcake.

Once I started to put sticky notes on poems that really spoke to me I realized I would run out of them quickly and had to dog ear some pages (shh! please don't tell my students!).  Note to self: When Kwame writes a book, make sure you have a brand new pack of sticky notes closeby.  He has done it again. Now I wonder what countries (or states or towns) I will be leaping in with a copy of the book in my hand and completely embarrassing my daughter (or son) to take pictures of me with it. (see my post about Europe and The Crossover).

Limerence.  The secret special word that I now know the definition of (and how to spell) and you will, too, once you have your date.  That was an "aha" "finally" moment for sure.  Note to you: That page got a starred sticky note. Other favorite poems that got an extra star on their sticky note for you to hunt for:  Dear Skip, Books You Find on Google and What happens to a dream destroyed?

Back to limerence, I fell for Nick immediately and so will you.  Not only did I fall for Nick, but all of them: his best friend, Coby, his crush, April, Mom and Dad (sort of), his English teacher, Ms. Hartwick and of course, the super cool librarian, Mac.

Thank you, Kwame, for writing another winner filled with more favorite poems (too many to count), characters I love and ones I aspire to be more like (Even though I already wear Chuck Taylors, I have to work on my bowling game and I do need to get some more dragonfly "stuff" for my library.)

Once you get your hands on this book make a plan to kick off your cleats, escape to a Dragonfly Cafe equipped with a rappin' librarian and enjoy this next winner from Kwame.

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