Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A belated School Librarian Day Shout Out

Happy School Librarian Day, just a day late due to snow!

I just smiled from ear to ear about RePete...

LOL.  I'm the ONLY librarian at CES.  But that's ok!  I can still be the best!

I don't know if you can read that but it says, "Thank you for sending my letter to Emma."
She is referring to Emma Virjan, the author and illustrator of the Pig in a Wig books.

"I love that Sarah Weeks is coming soon." Me, too.

Mrs. Pryde's kids wrote me letters and gave me flowers today.  I'm overjoyed.  The letters were so sweet and touching.  Libraries transform even the youngest learners.  I can't believe what an impact our Geisel project had on them.  From collaborating on the Stone Soup books in the fall to Skyping with authors from New Jersey, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Kansas and probably more that I'm forgetting. They remember it all.  Chris Grabenstein and Monica Wellington.  They can't wait for Sarah Weeks and they loved meeting RePete.  "I've never met a talking bird."  Neither have I ;-)

You are MOST welcome!

I'm the BEST leaping librarian!  Is there another one?

Hey! I'm glad you appreciate Pebble Go.

Thank YOU for the Geisel.  That was such a rewarding project!
And we made so many new friends while we were at it!

I wish you could do it again, too, Brendan.  We'll have to talk to your second grade teacher.

Every day I am thankful that my library is flexibly scheduled and I have a supportive administrator.  I can meet with these kids regularly, do intense research, organize parties, author visits and more.  We can do projects that last a day, a week, a month or months.  It's a true joy and I'm so happy to celebrate School Library Day and School Library Month every day and month of the year!

I hope that all of my school librarian friends celebrated yesterday, today or just another day of the month.  You all deserve it!  You are fabulous at what you do and each and every day we are enriching, engaging, indulging, exposing and transforming the young people in our buildings.  Happy School Library Celebration!  Now let's party!

Oh yeah, we are having a big party tomorrow to celebrate Booked by Kwame that came out today. Yeah, just a day late in it all...

What other first grader knows the Pi symbol???!!!

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