Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's in the Box?

     Yesterday I ran into a former student of mine, a 6th grader.  She shared with me that she read Booked in one day.  "Couldn't put it down," she said. "Unputdownable, right?" She was thrilled that Kwame included a Walking Dead reference.  "I was talking to him at the Dewey Duty lunch and he asked me what I was into.  I told him I loved The Walking Dead," she smiled.  "Think he put that in because of me?"  We'll never know but man is it nice to imagine it's true.

     "What's in the box?" I asked her. I'm always wondering.
     "Hmmm...I don't think there's anything in there.  I think it represents something, like hope, or promise."  Wow. She continued but I was in a daze at that point.  So impressed.

     I went to school today and found the Middle School newspaper in my mailbox.  I'm not usually on their "mailing list" but when I opened it up, I saw why this issue came to me.  Check it out--a whole article on our Booked party.

*The "video" was the NPR interview
*My popcorn is FAMOUS! Who else can say that?!

I wonder what Zack thinks is in the box....

ps-Yesterday I took my son and his friend bowling.  It dawned on me that not only does Mr. Mac wear Converse but also bowling shoes.  I had to take this shot:

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