Thursday, May 5, 2016


We are truly at the final countdown before Sarah Weeks comes on Tuesday, the book birthday of Save Me a Seat. You know we have a lot going on that cannot be revealed. Sarah has been on hundreds and hundreds of school visits and we want to make sure her trip hugging the Hudson River is a memorable one.

For nearly the whole school year, we have collaborated with Sarah and I can safely say that ALL of my students are so excited to meet her. I wonder what the total hours of sleep Monday night will be in Schodack? Any guesses? I'm already not sleeping and I've got five more days...

Second grade dedicated a whole school wide assembly to her by performing the reader's theatre of Woof and teaching us about penguins. Mrs. Pryde's class read and reviewed all her books. Mrs. Kosinski's class also read all her books. They both have special surprises in store for Sarah. Mrs. Pryde's class also sang two of Sarah's songs at our Earth Day assembly. We ❤️ Little Factory!

Reader's theatre is one of Sarah's passions. She inspired us and fifth graders wrote and performed a reader's theatre script from each of their Newbery book groups. One of the favorites was The War That Saved My Life and we just found out that Sarah loved that book! Now we have something to talk about! (as if we didn't before ;-))

All of the third grade classes read both Oggie Cooder books and then attempted to charve. Mrs. Yager's class charved the countries they researched for our World Gala and Mr. Morse's class charved New York. Check out these pictures!
We'll start locally:

Check out Mr. Morse's Long Island!

The countries were a bit more challenging, but of course still a lot of fun (and educational!):

China and Mexico

Canada and Benin is almost being eaten!

France and Kenya

Australia and India

Two island countries--Bahamas and Palau

Italy and Germany

England and Scotland

Brazil, Spain and Greece

France and Ireland

Chile and Egypt
I don't think we will have time to charve with Sarah on Tuesday (oh that would be so much fun!) but we will have plenty of time to do lots of other things and eat lots of cafeteria inspired food and peanut M & Ms, of course!

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