Friday, May 27, 2016

This is Not a Picture Book! by Sergio Ruzzier

A screenshot from the All the Wonders podcast page.
A great place to learn more about Sergio and his new book!

Ask anyone.  I have a lot of author/illustrator crushes.  I just can't get past how their brains work in the creative process.  How they can turn words and pictures into pure beauty.  It's a complete mystery and wonder in my mind and I fall hard…My newest crush, Sergio Ruzzier (

I learned about Sergio when I put his Two Mice, a beauty of a little book, on our Mock Geisel this year.  Now he has a new book out that is pure gorgeousness, This is Not a Picture Book!  When Duck finds a book that has no pictures in it he exclaims, "Stupid book!" and kicks it away.  Then the guilt sets in and he picks it up again only to get caught in its specialness with his friend Bug (and the readers, too).  There are difficult words (hmmm…I'm still trying to decipher the "words" in that illustration) and words we know (i.e., bee and flower, although only in picture form) and funny and sad and wild…Gorgeous and genius.  Can you tell I love this book?  Let's just say, "This is Not a book I will read just once!"  In fact, I've already read it 3-4 times and can't stop flipping through the pages.

Kids are going to love picking out the "words" they know and giggle how it really IS a picture book.  I cannot wait to share it with my students.

If you want to hear more about Sergio, listen to "All the Wonders" podcast with Matthew Winner (@MatthewWinner ) here and you, too, will add Sergio to your list of crushes ;-)