Friday, September 16, 2016

Please don't judge me for my need to weed

This whole week our Internet and wifi was glitchy. That can be a real problem when your plans include every fourth and fifth grader using a computer to do research. So, we went old school. We pulled out dictionaries. We looked in the encyclopedia. We even explored print books. However much the students learned today, I learned more. Check out my students looking up something in a state book that I was surprised to find out wasn't older than me:

The World Book encyclopedias that I have were published before the current juniors in high school were born. This is a huge problem and I am going to solve it immediately. I'm going to put on my weeding hat and get these books off the shelf. How embarrassing! 

I'm collaborating with a teacher and she asks if I have any books on Arizona and I give her a book from this shelf that is older than her.  OY VEY! If this isn't a wake up call to weed, I don't know what is!

Seriously. The extra shelf space will be welcoming and new books (purchased with what funds I don't know) will look amazing living there!

I did get rid of some World Books a bunch of years ago and the amazing Mr. Warland made them into a bench for me.  Looks like I might be putting him to work again!

Sayanora World Book circa 2000!

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