Thursday, December 8, 2016

Geisel Parent Night #2

Mrs. Pryde made this.  Don't you think it is Pinterest worthy?

Parents, do you ever want to be in "the room where it happens? The room where it happens?"  Well, the parents of Mrs. Pryde's first grade Geisel Committee Members were able to be there tonight and it was great!

We started off showing this Animoto of all the pictures I've taken of kids since Geisel began.  Please excuse the few random ones in there that are from Stone Soup day and maybe one or two early morning book exchange photo ops.  Otherwise, they are all from our Geisel meetings.

Check out the crowd we had:

That room was filled!

After a brief introduction of the project and what the kids have been doing so far (Skypes, scoresheets, author letters), we Skyped with Kevin Delecki in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who was the chair of the Geisel Committee in 2015 and on the Caldecott Committee in 2011.  The kids asked questions about his experience being on the Committee, how many books he read (nearly 700!) and what his favorite books were now and when he was little.  Watch out local bookstores! There may be a demand of the Dr. Seuss's  My Book About Me. That was Kevin's favorite book when he was little. When he was six years old, he wrote that he read 10 million books.  We were wondering what that number is up to now!  It was great, too, because even a few parents asked questions!

Thank you, Kevin!

Our Committee Members all had their notebooks to share with parents and some even completed scoresheets together.  The scene below was not unusual tonight! #love

Not only did we enjoy these cupcakes, but a mom brought in a chocolate fountain (Yes! I agreed to have it in the library and all was fine and delicious!) and of course, I made popcorn.

Mrs. Pryde baked and Nana Sober helped make the toppers today!
All in all it was a sweet night filled with excitement for books and reading!

Look at this crowd!

I love when the library is bustling in the evening!

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