Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our last "Hour of the Bees" book group meeting

My fifth grade all-girls book group just finished Lindsay Eager's Hour of the Bees.  We celebrated with punch, suncakes (pancakes), chips, salsa and snowcones.  Here's what they had to say about the book.  Needless to say, it's a winner for them!

"I'm speechless.  The contract says '10' but this book went to '11'."

"There are so many words to describe this book.  It's beyond amazing.  I wanted to keep reading but it was like, 9:30 at night."

"I like how it started the stories 'Once upon a time...'and then at the end of the story it would say 'Once upon a time...' again.'"

"The ending was really sad and a shock to me."
"The book is amazing. It is above the stars."

Kate and her "suncakes"

"I really wanted to be in this book group and am so glad I got in!  I love this book so much!"

The girls have some questions for Lindsay:
  • What inspired you to write the book?
  • If the stories are real, how old is Raul?
  • Were you like Carol when you were little?
  • Where did the names in the book come from?
  • What's your recipe for suncakes?
  • Will there be a sequel?  If so, you have five girls who will be standing in line the day it comes out to read it!
  • Did you ever live in Albuquerque?
  • Where did you get the inspiration for the settings like the ranch and the city development that Carol lives in with her family?
To wrap up, they said "Lindsay Eager's book is going to win the 2017 Newbery Award and it is the best book we ever read!"  You gotta love kids who totally fall for a book!  I know I do!  The biggest question they have now is "What should I read next?"  Suggestions?

Leaping for Lindsay!

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