Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jump Rope for Heart

Yesterday our Kiwanis KKids Club participated in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart. This is not an unusual activity--students asking family and friend for donations to benefit the American Heart Association with a culminating event of jump rope, basketball and hula hoop fun. In fact, we've done it for years at Castleton Elementary School.  But this year it just meant a little bit more to me, my co-advisor and all of our KKids club members.

When Mr. Horan, our beloved superintendent died suddenly and unexpectedly this summer of a heart attack, we were all in shock.  He lived and breathed what was best for the students of Schodack Central School District, always thinking forward.  Probably not a day goes by for any of us when we don't think about Bob.  "What would Bob do?"  "Bob said this about that."  "Mr. Horan did that." His spirit and vision is sprinkled everywhere, especially as we embark on a capital project that has his signature all over it.

So we jumped, skipped rope, shot baskets and moved our hips in the hula hoops yesterday in memory of Mr. Horan with hopes that the over $6000 raised for the American Heart Association will prevent others from experiencing what we did last July.

In memory of Superintendent Bob Horan, Mr. Maple Hill...

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