Friday, March 31, 2017

The Sweetest Sound

Break out your Mariah Carey albums, a comfie spot and get ready for a musical ride to Harmony, Pennsylvania.  You won't regret the time you spend with Cadence, Junior, Dad, Faith, Zara, Mei-Mei, Sophine, Sophie, Jones, the Trinity Sisters, Mr. Bassie, Aunt Fannie, Miss Stravinski, Miss Clayton and MORE while reading Sherri Winston's newest book, The Sweetest Sound!

I read this book with a great group of fifth grade girls and this is what they had to say upon finishing. Note: There might be some possible spoiler alerts.

"What surprised me was when Faith said that she was "Gospel Girl" and Cadence came out with the truth!"-Emma, 10

"My favorite character is Cadence because she knew it was wrong the way Faith was treating her.  She actually went on stage and sang with Aunt Fannie. The ending also surprised me."-Violet, 11

"My favorite part was when Faith and Cadence got into a fight because it got scary at first and then got better.  My heart was beating so fast! I recommend this book because it shows how hard it could be if your mom or dad leaves.  It was sad at some points but was full of hope."-Brynn, 10

"My favorite part was when Cadence sang in front of the church because she wasn't really used to it but she did her best.  She kind of grew out of her shell and I can sort of relate to that."-Deyanna, 11

"I liked Cadence because she was brave enough to sing on stage even though she was scared. That was my favorite part. I was suprised at the ending even though it reminded me of Raymie Nightingale."-Alyssa, 10

Stay tuned for the puppet show these girls are going write and perform about the book.  I wonder if they will sing?  Or at least play a little Mariah...

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