Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Book Birthday, Solo!

Texts to You
8:59 am
Tomorrow my Twitter feed
is going to be
Buzzing with #Solo posts.

9:05 am
Track 1:  Happy Birthday to You
Patty and Mildred J. Hill

9:12 am
Happy Book Birthday, Solo
by Kwame Alexander
With Mary Rand Hess

Paired with an incredible playlist, this is the story of talented Blade, his search to find who he is while uncovering his own meaning of life. Forbidden relationships ensue and ones he wishes weren't, all expressed within the confounds of unforgettable love poetry.

Sure, I've missed

the love songs
and the memories
in the strings.

The weight
of comfort
in my arms.


This poem reminded me of when I took up the guitar for about a year and a half until I was pregnant with Tari and just too big to hold the guitar on my lap.  All I wanted to do was belt out the folk songs and sing kumbaya at the campfire but it never happened.  I know I was only .01% as talented as Blade, but sometimes I still get the longing...

9:17 am
Excerpts for you.
I know this describes Kwame's happy place:

The smiles here
are abundant,
a crest of waves
across faces
young and old
that fly
with wings
of kings and queens
in search of 
trees rooted
in ancient ground

9:23 am
From the poem:
Then she gets close
to my face,
and in her eyes.
I see my reflection.
It's surprisingly happy
for the first time
in a while.

From the poem:
2:51 pm
I close my eyes
let her hold
me around
my waist
and walk
the path
that's been chosen
for me
never looking down
or back.

10:09 am
So I would put aside a few hours
With or without you
To sink into Solo

And grab your headphones
For the playlist alone will also have you traveling down
Your own memory lane.

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