Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What This Story Needs is a Vroom and a Zoom

Are you looking for a new book for your young Cars 3 fan? Wait no more! For today is THE day!

🎉Happy Book Birthday to What This Story Needs is a Vroom and a Zoom!🎈

Pig is back and more determined than ever to win Saturday morning's "Cross-Country Race." Donkey and Goose are vrooming and zooming with hopes of victory as well. Pig is in the lead! Oh no! Pig just took a turn in the mud! No worries! In comes her pit crew (your Cars fans will be able to relate!) equipping her with new tires while wiping sweat and hydrating with a sip of punch. Pig is back in the race with the finish line looming.  Can she catch up? Is a victory lap (and dance and leap) in her future? Remember, this is a tenacious Pig, furrowed brow and all...

Final Book 5 in Emma Virjan's "Pig in a Wig" series will not disappoint old fans and new.  Parents will enjoy reading the rhymes over and over again and finding new details in the illustrations each time. Be sure and take note of the license plates (back and front) and Pig's snout steering wheel. The biggest Pig in a Wig fan I know (besides ALL my students) is 3 1/2 year old Natalia.  She can already recite the books she owns by heart so it will be good to add another one to her repertoire.  Happy Book Birthday!

I love all the details in this illustration!

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