Monday, June 8, 2015

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Today's big adventure was taking a walking a field trip down to the Castleton Public Library with Mr. Morse and Mrs. Hanna's 3rd grade class.  Fun!  We managed to beat the rain on both sides of the trip and even saw some sun on the way back up the hill!

Mia is the new youth services librarian and she bonded well with the students immediately.  She didn't even have to tell them that she was a One Direction, Taylor Swift and Minecraft fan.  Oh, but she did.  They have a lot of really cool programs scheduled for summer reading.  I wish I was going to be around more to check in--candy sushi, knitting with your arms (?!) and more!

Check out their website here:

Of course, I got the kids (and teachers!) to jump with me on the lawn outside the library.

Do you notice that some of them have things in their hands?  Yes!  Books that they checked out using their own library cards or the summer reading schedule that looked so interesting to them!  I'm in the back in the bright yellow shirt next to Mr. Morse!

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates again for us tomorrow.  Field trip #2 with Mrs. Puccio and Mrs. Seres's second graders!  It's so exciting to take these kids down to the library and see them so excited to be there.

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