Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Walk this Way with Mr. Lemoncello

We are 2 for 2!  The rain stopped for just enough time for Mrs. Puccio and Mrs. Seres's class to walk down to the library today!  Mrs. Colloton, Mrs. Warland and Mrs. Gershman came with us, too!  And this time we were prepared.  Many of the students brought their library cards with them to school and more brought in the paperwork to get library cards.  Watch out Castleton Public Library!  Your circulation stats are going to fly out the window by the time I'm done with you!

Leaving CES.  Hoping it won't rain!

Walking down the steps from Sacred Heart Church.  Fun!

The new youth services librarian, Mia, is so cool!
Here she is doing a great job promoting the summer reading program.

Ooh! I hope I find a book I like!

Where are your Non-fiction books?  Right here!

We're all wondering who can check out a book...

And to end it all, of course we JUMPED!

I almost finalized my summer reading book groups.  Stay tuned!  It looks like they are going to be great books.  Last year I only included the current fifth graders going into sixth. This year I will open it up to current fourth and fifth.  I would love to have the older kids, too, but I don't know if I'm cool enough for them anymore.

Speaking of books and libraries...
Yesterday was a big day because all the Lemoncello books from Mrs. Yager's class finally got digitized.  That was a job!  Scanning, uploading into powerpoint, uploading into Calameo but now I can say all eight books are done!  This was a great collaborative project but a huge one!  Mrs. Yager and I worked together to have her third graders retell Chris Grabenstein's Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library.  Once the books were completed, they read them to all the K-2 students to prepare them for Chris's visit back in March.  The books came out great.

Here they are:

Since Chris was here for the release party of The Island of Dr. Libris we are keeping our fingers crossed that he can make his way North for the release of the Lemoncello sequel, due out in early January 2016.  Maybe we should cross toes, legs, eyes, to give us the most luck possible.

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