Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LOST in the SUN

Back in June when I was planning my summer reading book clubs, I kept calling myself words like, "insane", "crazy" and other synonyms along those lines when I planned for FIVE. Especially when I knew I'd be heading to Europe, North Carolina, Virginia, and Utica. Now that the fifth one finished tonight I promise I will do it all over again next summer. Mark my word.

Seven 5th - 7th graders showed up tonight at 16 Handles for some yummy yogurt (sponsored by the Schodack Faculty Association) and a great discussion on Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff.  They LOVED the book.  Here are just a few of their quotes (note there may be some spoilers):

5*Best book ever!  I loved the ending.  I hope there is a second one just as good!

I like how it ends in mystery.

4 1/2 * This was an amazing book.  
It had a great ending with how they didn't tell you how she got the scar. 
[He didn't give it 5* because he really did not like Dad.]

I liked when Trent made friends with Fallon because they both had no friends.
I didn't like the ending because it didn't tell how she got her scar.

There better be a second one!

Some of the kids were so mad about the ending that one threw it on the floor and another one punched the couch!  If that doesn't say they were into it, I'm not sure what is!

Of course we LEAPT!

Lost with the sun in our eyes...

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