Sunday, January 10, 2016

Newbery Flags!

It is the eve of the 2016 ALA Youth Media Awards!  I can't believe a whole year has passed since students read, shared, debated, Skyped, made book trailers and just plain got  SO excited about  The Crossover that they missed football parties just to read or make a poster promoting the book. Incredible.  What an amazing year it was for Kwame, but definitely for all of us in Castleton, too.

Hard to believe that tomorrow we will have another Newbery winner.  How exciting!

On this eve of the ALAYMA, I wanted to share the Newbery flags that the fifth graders created.  They are pretty remarkable and are now hanging all over the library.  Is the winning book in there?  In 12 hours we should know!

I love the broken heart between Trent and Fallon.

I am thinking this book will win an honor!  And Cassie promises she will Skype with us to let us know the answer to the question, "What will you do if you win the Newbery?"
The kids in this book group LOVED LOVED LOVED Echo!  I love how they connected the stories in this flag with the harmonica.

It's clever how they made the three books here.
The winner of our Newbery consensus.  This is an amazing depiction of the book.
I love how they put the nicknames first.

The kids LOVED this book!  It got far (championship round) in our debates because they were so passionate about it.
This is a powerful flag.
I love the rainbow socks.  And did you know, today is Victoria Jamieson's birthday?  If she wins tomorrow that would be a pretty sweet birthday present!
I love this book for Newbery or Caldecott or both!  
We love Nikki Loftin and the kids LOVED Wish Girl! What a simple, but great way to depict the valley.
The kids also loved Fuzzy Mud.  Check out the rash going through the flag. Ewww...

So as you can see, the kids worked really hard on these and it paid off.  I love how they are flying throughout my library.  If one or more of these win, I will just have to put a gold or silver sticker right on the flag.

And if this whole 10+ week project (we've been doing it since October!) which has gotten 61 kids totally excited about reading and tomorrow's announcement doesn't show that author's need to go on the Ellen Show, I don't know what does!  #KidLitOnEllen  Pass it on!

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