Sunday, January 24, 2016

Orbiting Jupiter

I read Newbery Honor winning author, Gary Schmidt's book, "Orbiting Jupiter" yesterday. It is actually not like me to read a book the year after it is published. I know--weird quirk of mine. I am glad I broke my own rule. I can't let go of the book yet. It is heart warming and painful. My stomach sank, felt better, sank again and then found hope. What a whirlwind of emotions for one book in one day. And while the rest of the east coast was snowed in with Jonas, I was lucky enough not to have to be out shoveling but instead I had the rare opportunity and gift to sit down with a YA book whose setting was surrounded by snow and ice. I will be thinking about Jack, Joseph, Jupiter and Maddie for a long time. Five stars with a box of tissues close by.

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