Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Book Birthday, Pig in a Wig!

I owe all my love for Pig to Rondi from Albany's indie bookstore, The Little Bookhouse. I asked her for some recommendations back when I was starting our Geisel project last fall and she pointed me in the direction of Emma Virjan's What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig.  We have been hooked ever since.

The latest (third) Pig book came out last Tuesday, but we were a tad busy that day so we celebrated yesterday. All K/1 students came up to the Common Area to Skype with Emma.  Emma read the book aloud to us (with props).  Then she did a great job answering questions from our 5 and 6 year olds and to wrap it up, we all sang "Happy Book Birthday" to Pig.  After we hung up we all enjoyed salsa (munch) and chips (crunch). It was a super fun birthday celebration!

I'm getting ready to hand out the books that kids preordered.

Lots of Munching and Crunching happening with this crowd!

Emma and I have matching wigs!

It was so cool to have Emma read her book to us!

First grade teacher, Mrs. Kosinski on the left and kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Carlson on the right.

One, two, three LEAP!

ps-Emma shared that a fourth book is coming out in the fall and she is working on a fifth one!  We can't wait!  Maybe we can celebrate the book birthday of one of those in person in Castleton! Fingers crossed! You know you want a star, Emma!


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