Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bring Me a Rock

It's Another Book Birthday!

Today we celebrated the book birthday of Bring Me a Rock by Daniel Miyares with 150 kindergarten and first grade students.  Another great party honoring our special author/illustrator guest with smiles, songs and fans!

A fable-like tale (yes with a great moral at the end) about a grasshopper who demands the insects to bring him big, exciting rocks for his majestic pedestal, a "stack" of rocks shall we say?  Hence our stacked pringle snacks--

...and when the "stack" of rocks begins to teeter, who comes to the rescue but the little ant with his tiny pebble.  How does he do it?  We'll have to dig deeper into our STEM curriculum to figure that out! And we will!  A beautiful book by our friend, Daniel Miyares (Float and Kwame's Surf's Up) with a wonderful lesson about how even the smallest tricks can make a difference.

When Daniel and I had our test run earlier that morning, he was behind a blank wall.
Of course, I said something so he moved his location!  How sweet is that?!

It's hard to see, but he is reading the book to us.

Bring me a pringle!

Goodbye, Castleton.  (for now!)

This is the second time we have had a video chat with Daniel and it is always great.  Since we tried the "webex" Daniel was able to share his computer screen with us and show us older versions of the book.  While he was doing that I held up the final copy of the page.  That was pretty cool!  Thank you, again, Daniel for a wonderful visit and happy book birthday a couple days late!
And on a related note--My bookseller extraordinaire, Rondi, from Bookhouse Albany, wrote this review that is on display in the bookstore:

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