Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Can I Tell You a Secret?

We LOVE Anna and Chris AND their books!

It's ANOTHER book birthday party!

You know I love my book birthday parties and we had another one today!  This time celebrating our friends, author Anna Kang and her illustrator husband, Chris Weyant.  We are some of their biggest fans ever since this fall's Geisel project.  Bet you didn't know, though, that I was at the event at ALA last summer watching them receive their Geisel award with tears in my eyes as they spoke.  I even got a fuzzy picture while Anna was speaking:

San Francisco, CA ALA Annual, June 2015
But today was all about Monty.  Monty has a secret that he hasn't even shared with his parents.  He asks us, the readers, if we can keep a secret and when we shout, "YES!" he discloses that he can't swim. Now, this would be tough for anyone, but it's especially hard if you are a frog.  Finally, Monty gets the nerve up to tell his parents his secret.  Does he do it?  Does Monty overcome his fear?  Does he end up in the water?  You don't think I'm going to give it all away, do you?  This is the perfect book to read by the pool just before you get your toes wet (oh, and the rest of your body, too, perhaps, just like, uh...maybe a new friend named Monty?).

Introducing Monty!  Anna read us the book!

These first graders were captivated!

Check out some of their mouths wide open--they are so interested in the story!
And how cool is that to have the author read it to you?!!!

Here the young artists are at work drawing Monty, thanks to directions from Chris!

Showing Chris and Anna the finished products!

We have some talented kids in our school!

Chris and Anna together!  Love them!

Some smiling artists--Notice the "Happy Birthday" wishes? Too cute!

Yes, that is a cup of popcorn in his hand!
What's a party without food and "Rattner Popcorn"?!

That was my Monty.  I always tell the kids, "There's a reason I didn't go to art school."

What a fun day! Thank you, Anna and Chris and happy birthday, Monty!

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