Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mrs. Warland reviews Nine, Ten

Last weekend, I loaned Mrs. Warland my copy of Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story by Nora Raleigh Baskin. She came in glowing with these wonderful words to say about the book, too many to tweak down to 140 characters.  Needless to say, she loved it!

"It was great.  The moral....The four kids, the stories, their stories leading up to 9/11 was fantastic.  Just really fantastic.  And how they all intertwined in the end.  And how she says, 'All we can see is a sea of people who could not be more different but could not be more the same standing together.'  I mean that is such a great moral.  I really liked it.  I really, really did.  I think this tells a story that no matter where you lived, 9/11 affected you.  It didn't just happen to people in NYC, or Washington or Shanksville."

-Mrs. Warland, Extraordinary Library Volunteer

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