Saturday, November 26, 2016


For the past three years I have collaborated with a first grade teacher on a "Stone Soup" project.  I gather up all the versions of Stone Soup we have in our library and in our public library system.  She reads them all to her students and then for one week we split the class up and each of us works with a group of students to write and illustrate their own version of the tale.  This year we had even fewer students in each group because she has a student teacher.  Then, right before Thanksgiving, the class brings in their own ingredients and cooks up a couple of batches of stone soup in the classroom.  This year, we enjoyed it while viewing the books on the SmartBoard.  Here, for your reading pleasure, are the 2016 digital books thanks to the publication site, Calameo:

Mrs. Pryde's Group:

Read more publications on Calaméo

Great job everyone!

The Matzah Ball book inspired students to put matzah balls in their books AND their soup.
They were a big hit!

What's stone soup without corn muffins?
ps-I highly recommend Calameo for digitizing books. So easy, especially if you can scan on your copier, like we can at school.  Just add the PDFs and voila!  A book!  You can do this with any topic and any grade! And look how easy it is to share!  Have fun with it and good luck!

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