Thursday, November 10, 2016

We're OFF! 5th Grade Newbery Project has begun!

First the Kickoff

About a week and a half ago we kicked off our Newbery project.  This is a big deal for us. Every fifth grader participates.  They read at least five (Towers Falling is included) Newbery contenders.  Many read more.  They read, critique, discuss, analyze, debate and fall in love with great books.  It's what they (I like to think--I know it's definitely ME) have been waiting for for so long.  It's this elite fifth grade club and it's good for you!

Everyone gets "credentials" and can only check out a Newbery book if they have their credentials. Here are some of them with their credentials reading their "Welcome to the Committee" letter and looking at the book list.

Wondering what's on the orange paper?  This is it--the welcome congratulatory letter!

The Newbery Nook

All of the Newbery contenders are kept in the Newbery Nook.  When this picture was taken we didn't have all the books in yet.  Now we do!  There are enough books for every student to have one book group book and one independent book.  That's a lot of books!

This was the cart with some of our book group books on it.

Book Groups

We like to ease into the project so the only requirement in the beginning is to keep up with your book group.  By the time December rolls around we will be in full force--Animotos, Reader's Theatre, Posters, Author Skypes and of course, the final bracketed debates.  January 23 will be here before we know it!

Stay tuned for more photos of book groups--About half way through, I go around and take group shots of everyone.  I call it "Picture Day".

This is my Gertie Group.  We met today and many of the kids read way ahead of the assigned pages!

Gotta throw a Gertie leap in there!

Mr. Reischer loves his Moon book group.  Algonquin Books sent me these posters with enough for every book group member!

While waiting for all our copies of Hour of the Bees to come in, these girls went on Overdrive and read together one morning.

For the past two years this guy was my principal and lead a Newbery book group.  Now he is the Director of Curriculum and is still participating.  He made a point to tell me that he LOVES this book!

What's Next?

Book groups will meet through early December....Authors beware...then students will write you lovingly letters hoping you will Skype with them.  We will create book trailers using Animoto and write and perform Reader's Theatre from a chapter of the book.  I love this project so much.  I don't have a pull ahead favorite yet, though.  Do you?

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  1. This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for giving us a peak into your library world! You know I'm dying to come visit!