Monday, April 17, 2017

#SLM17 Reading Ambassadors Respond

I took the idea and ran with it.

Last summer NYC school librarian, Olga Nesi, presented on her "Reading Ambassador" program at our NYS School Librarian leadership retreat at Cornell. Since I was struggling with my own fourth and fifth grade Dewey Duty program, I decided to offer my fifth graders the opportunity to be "Reading Ambassadors" instead of Dewey Duty and so far in this infant stage, I'd say it's a success.

Reading Ambassadors join me for a lunch meeting every Monday.  Hardly anyone ever forgets.  They come in, sign in the attendance sheet and we get right to work on our "business meeting."  For the past two weeks I had them grab computers (I know! I know! Food and computers with 10 year olds! Probably not the best idea and please don't tell my IT people!) and had them work on SLM17 slides. I shared the AASL slides with them, they copied them into their own Google Drive and then shared them back with me. But first, check them out, working so hard!

It's a Lunch Meeting

Why do School Libraries Matter? Why are they Important?  How do they Empower Students?

From the mouths of fifth graders, here's what they had to say...

These kids have never known life without a full time librarian.  I've just been part of their school world since kindergarten that they expect and anticipate to see me every day.  I think that's why some of their answers are so basic and simple. Having me around fulfills a basic need of their school day whether it's picking out books, collaborating on projects, researching, becoming media savvy, preparing for our multitude of author/illustrator visits, etc. As we all celebrate and acknowledge the power of school libraries, my wish is for all schools big or small, in districts small and big, support a full time librarian who can make only big, huge impacts on students far and wide.  Happy School Library Month from all of us at Castleton Elementary School!

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