Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Upcoming New and Newish Books A-Z

Yes, I was nervous. I don't like getting up in front of adults. Give me a gymnasium filled with 400+ 5-10 year olds and I'm fine but a room full of colleagues and peers, I'll pass.  Then make it the day after I have 32 people squeezed in my home for a seder and I feel like toast.  Haha.  That's pretty funny.  Get it? Toast. Seder. Ok...moving on...

In any case, I was honored and pleased today to present new books for the K-5 set today at Capital Region BOCES, followed by the most amazing Alicia Abdul, who spoke about YA books. You need to check out Alicia's blog and website.  She is sugar sweet candy to me.  She recommends books that sound SOOOO good that I go out and read them when I should be completely engaged in the Middle Grade that I love so much (which I really do).

I prefaced my whole workshop with the fact that my collection, although it certainly is a reflection of my students, is definitely influenced by my likes and dislikes and the authors that I have come to love and befriend.  As long as I admit that, isn't that ok?  And as much as I can promote these authors and books, I will. No collection is perfect and mine is no exception.  I just strive to make my students (and faculty) as happy as can be.

At the bottom, I've attached the list I handed out to participants.  Some of the books I talked about aren't on there and others that are I didn't get to.  But it's a starting point for anyone.  My brain isn't thinking Newbery, Sibert, Geisel or any other award but certainly  many of these books are contenders. I also did a triple threat shout out for local author/illustrators, James Preller, Nancy Castaldo and Elizabeth Zunon.  I like to think I might have drummed up some business for them. Happy Reading and please let me know your favorites.

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  1. Thank you, Stacey. Glad for the mention and, yes, super thrilled to see Jigsaw Jones back in print via Macmillan -- 8 "classic" titles and the brand new one. I'm also a big fan of both Elizabeth Zunan and Nancy Castaldo. In fact, I recently interviewed them in my "5 Questions" interview series over at my blog.

    James Preller

  2. I am energized every time I get to present alongside you-- can we take this on the road??! As always, you are phenomenal wealth of information about books, reading, connecting kids and authors, and of course sharing your secret crushes!