Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A quick jaunt to Maple Grove, Minnesota

Today Miss Leavitt, her first graders and I took a quick little visit to Maple Grove, Minnesota.  As we learned yesterday thanks to Google Maps, if we REALLY wanted to get to there, it would take us over 19 hours.  Wow.

Thanks to the fabulousness of Twitter and a hashtag chat, I connected with Mrs. Ohlgren, Maple Grove's librarian.  We figured out that her kindergarteners and a small group of my first graders were reading the same book.  Next thing you know, we are setting up today's Skype visit.

Wow!  If this world isn't flat, I'm not sure what is.  This all happened within less than a week.  We found out that their last day of school is June 4 (ours is June 25).  They also (our kids wanted to know this) ride on yellow buses!  They go outside for recess but they don't have morning assemblies.  And funny enough, Kwame Alexander did NOT visit their school.  Seriously, one of the first graders came up with that question to ask if he came to their school.  LOVE. IT.

What brought us together was the book, Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst.  So of course, we talked about pickle sandwiches (Lulu's favorite), which ending of the story we liked and if we'd like to go in the forest alone like Lulu did.

What an awesome experience for all!  We will definitely be doing this again next year!

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