Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fanhood finds friendship!

Although today was quite a busy day in the library--3 classes occupying the space at times--it was really what happened after dismissal that made it for me.

Mr. Reischer and I had a perfect Skype meeting with the incomparable Sarah Weeks this afternoon. I have been a fan of hers since I read "Oggie Cooder" back in 2009!  I have lead multiple book groups with several of her books, including "Oggie" and "Pie."  I finally met her at the NYLA-SSL conference last month and we just clicked!  After today, it's even better!  Mr. Reischer loved her, too!  Hooray!  We are planning a year long build up of events and projects based on Sarah's books, with special appearances by Sarah from time to time.  When she visits in May I guarantee you I will be calling my red carpet people!  Of course, there will be lots of other fabulous surprises, too!  You just wait!

I'm sure this was a great meeting for Sarah, too.  But her day was incredibly fabulous, not because of a couple of teachers from upstate NY but because they announced who would be starring in the film version of her book, "So B. It"  Check it out--Talitha Bateman and Alfre Woodard!  This was just made public a few hours ago. WOW!  It's looking like we ONLY host RED CARPET folks at Castleton Elementary now.

It was a Sarah Weeks kind of day for me all around, though.  For one 4th grade class, Ms. Malone and I began talking about character traits.  I read Sarah's book, "Woof: A Love Story" and the students had to come up with character traits for the protagonist, who happens to be a dog.  The lesson went really well and I was so happy to be able to share a Sarah book!

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