Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's about time I started a blog...

I am going to put in my resignation tomorrow.  Just kidding.  But man, when you have 24 hours like I just did, you worry about going into work the next day.  Well, not really.  Since tomorrow will be the aftermath, and I know it will be good!  Kids will be screaming!  Teachers will be smiling.  My principal will be skipping.  All because the 2015 Newbery award winner walked the halls of Castleton Elementary today.  We even jumped together.

This was no ordinary day.  This was no ordinary school visit for Kwame or us.  The man was greeted on a red carpet with every student out there waiting for him.  They were shouting, "KWAME! KWAME!" like it was a pep rally.  It was magical.

Kwame did two assemblies, lunch with students, visited a couple of classrooms and mingled at a faculty reception after school. A lot more than he usually does, I learned.  He was ready to crash at the end of the day, and so should I.  I did not anticipate how emotional the day would be, but it was!  I used up almost a whole box of tissues.  Kwame is poetic, musical and just beyond words.  We are #solucky.  Thank you Jen Cannell, with Jane Bentley and Questar, for making today happen.

Kwame's last words to me were "I appreciate you."  Kwame, you don't even know how much I appreciate you.  Looking forward to our next leap.

There.  I've started a blog and I hope it's here to stay.

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