Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Today Casey Seiler, from the Times Union came and spoke to our fifth graders about writing newspaper articles. WOW!  I could have listened to him speak forever!  If I was a fifth grader with no knowledge of what I wanted to be when I grew up, he actually might have turned me on to being a reporter.  Really.  He was that inspiring and so good with the kids.

We invited him in to give our students a little idea of how to write a newspaper article.  They will all be writing articles for our edition of The Castletonian.  He gave them some great ideas and had some really meaningful quotes, such as:

"All the things that make a good piece of journalism, make a good piece of fiction."

"Competition makes you better."

And I forget the exact question Casey was answering but his answer was profound:

"I don't feel like I understand something till I've written about it."  That makes a lot of sense!  I think I'm seeing that with this blog, even in its infant stages.

Thank you so much, Casey, for coming in and speaking to our fifth graders. We hope you will return!

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