Saturday, October 17, 2015

Leaping at the Bat Mitzvah leads to some Fuzzy Mud

Wow! What a Bat Mitzvah weekend!  We laughed! We cried! and of course, we leapt!


LEAP! (and yes, Tari and I were both wearing heels!)

Recovering from almost 200 guests and a full weekend of celebrations with family and friends from all over the country can take days. It took me about till Friday till I felt like I was back in the game again.  And here I am!

In the meantime, Zack and I did manage to listen to Fuzzy Mud by Newbery award winning author, Louis Sachar.

Usually when we listen to a book, we keep it to the car.  But one day we were so riveted that we brought it in side and I devoured almost this whole wheel of local Camembert (I highly recommend it and thank Field Goods for providing it in my bag this week!).  This is a total middle grade creepy, thriller.  I kept trying to explain to Zack that the reason it was so creepy (he almost abandoned it!) was because it's science fiction that could be real.  Who knows?  It may be happening right now and we just don't know about it.  When scientists invent Biolene, a gasoline replacement, they have no idea how the ergies got out, multiplied and caused a major "situation in Heath Cliff, PA."  Together fifth grader, Tamaya, her friend and neighbor, seventh grader, Marshall and seventh grade bully, Chad save the country one day after school in the woods by stepping in some "fuzzy mud."  The descriptions of the fuzzy mud symptoms can make your stomach turn, and not so great to hear while driving, but I managed.  I was afraid Zack might have nightmares, but he didn't.  Even, Tari, who only heard bits and pieces, had a hard time with it.  The book makes you really think about science, the environment, friendship and what is best for humankind.  It certainly sparked quite a bit of discussion among us and I look forward to hearing the reactions my fifth graders will have when they read it.

Check out the interview on NPR with Louis Sachar at the bottom of this post.

STAY TUNED!  My Newbery project with the whole fifth grade begins MONDAY!  I am finalizing my book list and getting ready!  This year, in addition to our principal leading a book group, both secretaries from the office, my volunteer, Mrs. Warland and our technology coordinator will also be leading groups!  Plus, the youth services librarian from the public library will be leading one after school and Mrs. Kelliher will be doing one during intervention.  Very exciting to get so many people involved!

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  1. Fuzzy Mud sounds like a frightening must read; and not the good kind of joyful frightening. It sounds like a warning about messing with nature, and goodness knows there's a lot of messing around in labs across the world. Unfortunately, it's the public that becomes the guinea pigs. Gulp! Let me open the book.