Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from a Leaping Roller Girl

In between ringing doorbells, I thought I could post about my super fun day yesterday!  And, believe it or not, I did get some teaching done and other library administrative duties, too!

But before any of that happened, I laced up my circa 1980s roller skates and became Astrid, the main character in Victoria Jamieson's beloved (at least in these parts, but I know elsewhere, too!) graphic novel of 2015, Roller Girl.  It was SO fun!  The best part was that Mrs. Kelliher, as well as one of our fifth graders, also dressed up!  Could we be happier triplets?

I wasn't sure about the roller skates.  Literally, I put them on for the first time when I got to school. But I quickly learned that roller skating is like riding a bike and I think I pulled it off that I knew what I was doing!  Roller skating down the halls was a blast!  Mrs. Kelliher was eying that all day and so after all the students left, she laced them up herself (good thing we have close enough shoe sizes!) and she did some mighty moves in the hallway!  A natural for roller derby, for sure!

If you haven't read the book yet, pick up a copy today!  I know kids who finished it in one day.  I know others who "stayed up all night" reading it.  When Astrid and her best friend, Nicole, go in different directions one summer, Astrid to roller derby camp and Nicole to dance camp, lots of growing up occurs.  Astrid learns how to face challenges, make new friends (and keep the old ones), and to push through even when you don't get exactly what you hoped for.  Such a great book!  We love it so much at Castleton Elementary School that it is even a book group in our Mock Newbery project! #RollerGirlLove

Views from the parade route:
Looks like I'm holding on pretty tight--we just went down a hill (you can kind of see it in the back!)

All my principal kept saying was, "Don't fall Rattner.  Please don't fall."
 A little leap goes a long way:
YES!  It's a LEAP!
 Posing on the grass (and this picture made it into the ALSC blog!):
A beautiful Halloween parade day!
Visiting Mrs. Pryde's class:

Took off the roller skates so I could get some height in this one!
YES! Another leap!

This is one of my future Mock Geisel students!

Another Geisel member!

A great ending to a down and then VERY UP week!

ps-Is "Leaping Librarian" cool enough to be a Roller Derby name?

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