Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ready, Set GEISEL!

My ride is picking me up at 5:30 am to catch our plane for Columbus, OH for the AASL conference.  I am tired and need to go to sleep...BUT today was AWESOME!  We had our 2016 Castleton Elementary School Geisel Committee Kickoff!  Mrs. Pryde's first graders walked into the library, got their OFFICIAL Committee credentials with a photo and a full round of congratulatory applause.  We read their welcome-to-the-committee letter out loud and then we FaceTimed with JoAnna Schofield, a member of the 2015 Geisel Committee.  JoAnna was INCREDIBLE!  She spoke at the kids' level and told us a lot of good stuff.  She even showed us some artwork from Anna Kang, Christopher Weyant and Mo Willems gave her after the Geisel ceremony. Wow!  Mrs. Pryde and I are so pumped for this project!  The Committee Members each have a personal notebook to use to score their books and take notes and they each received a Dr. Seuss pencil.  Oh yeah, and we can't have a celebration without my famous "Rattner Popcorn."

The Committee Room before the members arrived!

The letter, credentials and a little "Rattner Popcorn"

Committee Member Grace

Mason getting congratulated by Mrs. Warland

Look at that SMILE!  Is he happy to be on the Geisel Commitee or what?!

Pre Leap for the GEISEL!

And more congratulations are due!

It was such a great day!  Mrs. Pryde tweeted a collage:

So, now my friends, I must get a few hours of sleep before my ride arrives for my next adventure.  I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at AASL!  See you there!

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