Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Picture Day!

Yes! It was picture day but not your traditional Lifetouch guy.  It was our Newbery Book Group picture day. You know, the day I go around to every book group, make them smile and then LEAP!

Incidentally, the book groups are doing great!  Last year we had one extra leader, our principal.  This year, not only is Mr. Chevrier leading a book group with Circus Mirandus, but Mrs. Maier and Mrs. Gregware from the office are leading Roller Girl and Book Scavenger; Mr. Ryan, our technology specialist is leading one with Lost in the Sun and my fabulous volunteer, Mrs. Warland, is leading The War that Saved My Life. It's great to have so many people helping us out.  Last year I think I had six book groups (or more?).  How did I ever keep track of all them and still manage to keep kids pumped?

I haven't heard anyone complain about book groups.  I'm leading three:  Wishgirl, Stella by Starlight and The Marvels.  Mr. Reischer has Echo, Unusual Chickens and Fuzzy Mud. The kids are reading so much!  It was great in my Wish Girl group, we were talking about the lesser of two evils and I knew I had read another book recently that talked about those kind of choices.  Fortunately, one of the group members had read, Fuzzy Mud, and made the connection for me!  I keep reminding my students after we read descriptive and well written passages in any of the books that that is why they are on the list of contending books for Newbery.  Any of these books could win and it will just be a matter of time till we find out.

Mrs. Warland with her The War that Saved My Life group

They got some height there!

Mrs. Gregware's Book Scavenger group!

Even Mrs. Gregware leapt!

We LOVE the mysteriousness of Wish Girl!

This group was unanimous in telling me how much they are enjoying Fuzzy Mud!

Look at those "jumps of joy!"

Ms. Zampella's group thinks Fish in a Tree is a winner!

YES! We'll even jump to prove it!

Mrs. Maier's Roller Girl group is almost finished!

Can you do that in roller skates?

YES! We are loving The Marvels!

You can still see that gold through the leaps!

Woah! Unusual Chickens has these kids jumping to the camera!

We're learning so much about history from Stella by Starlight!

Such a good book!

Mr. Chevrier loves fantasy books and Circus Mirandus is no exception!

Leap sequence 1

Leap 2 

Leap 3--Mr. Chevrier actually got off the ground believe it or not!

Echo is so awesome! These kids are going to persevere and read the whole book! It's SO worth it!

YES it is!

Missing from the picture is Mr. Ryan.  We do know he is loving leading this group!

We'll have to make sure we get a leap with Mr. Ryan!

Stepping away from Newbery, tomorrow is our BIG Kickoff for our Mock Geisel!  It's going to be HUGE!  Mrs. Pryde and I cannot contain our excitement!  And what a week it has been for making connections!  Last week I emailed the ALSC folks asking for some swag (I do love my ALSC bracelets) and if they would like to participate in our project.  Well, Dan suggested I post something on the ALSC listserv, which I did and it was the best idea EVER!  Immediately, I received responses from the 2015 Chair (yay! Kevin!) and other former Committee members.  Not only that, Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant reached out to us!  I'm breathless.  Don't even know if I have room for a leap.  Oh, wait, I always do for that!

The "credentials" (lanyards) are made.  Official congratulatory letters are "addressed."  Dr. Seuss pencils are ready to be handed out to the newly minted Committee members and even a side of famous "Rattner Popcorn" will be offered as a treat.  Former Geisel Committee member, JoAnna, will also be welcoming us to our job via FaceTime, too!  It will be a very exciting afternoon in the CES Library!  This morning because the weather was so beautiful, we stepped outside for a Committee photo.

Introducing the 2016 Castleton Elementary School Geisel Committee

Our Leap!

Mrs. Pryde and I leaping for JOY! Taken through the eyes of a 6 year old!

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