Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reflections on AASL in Columbus--PART 1

Yes, we got back to the land of Great Danes and Saint Bernards on Sunday after living in the Buckeye State (and NOT even tasting a buckeye!) for three nights but, as usual I needed some time to sit back, think about it all and then process the experience.

It was another great conference.  After Mrs. Harris came with me in 2013 to Hartford to present about our Newbery project, she hasn't turned down a library conference since and this one was no exception!  So there she is picking me up at 5:30 am on Thursday so we could head out for our 8:00 flight to Columbus.

All went smoothly with our travel and we managed to check in, unpack with time for some lunch and ice cream at the North Market
Maria, from Buffalo, and I leaping at Jenis Ice Cream.

Boy was that Oatmeal Cookie ice cream sandwich delicious!

and then to our first event, the IdeaLab.  It was there that we met up with a few old friends and already made some new ones.  My favorite "booth" was the one about the Elementary Library Centers.  Those women are amazing and so creative! Here's a link to the presentation they were sharing from Carolyn Vibbert:

Heidi Hayes Jacobs was the opening keynote. I don't think anyone will argue with you that she wasn't inspiring and motivating.

The exhibits opened that evening and Karen and I had a good time meeting more people, especially some friends from Texas.  I am always in awe of their enthusiasm and energy around conferences and their connectedness to one another.  Whenever I see tweets from Texas librarians, it makes me want to be a citizen of the Lone Star State.  Hey! I'd be proud of any state that Anne Richards hailed from and lead!
Super Librarian with Maria!

In her next life, Karen will be a Super Librarian! For now, "Super Teacher" will do!

We had a fun dinner out that night with Sue Kowalski and the crew from Britannica.  Lots of learning going on there, really.

Friday, for me, was literally an authorpalooza.  It started out with a huge bang in a front row seat at Shana Corey's facilitated panel that included Shannon Hale, Sara Pennypacker and Troy C.  

Just a few stars right here.  BTW Sara has a new series coming out, Waylon
Can't wait! I almost snagged an ARC but missed my opportunity!

Yeah, I got Shannon to leap with me!  

I just realized that if I write about every minute detail it will take me days to post.  This really must be the highlights.  And forward to some exhibit time meeting Sean Qualls, illustrator extraordinaire and then our last workshop of the day facilitated by Matthew Winner and where some new friendships were made and others strengthened.

I wish we had The Case for Loving around to leap with. I just love that book!
But I love Emmanuel's Dream, too!

Love this picture!

I met Shana for the first time when she came with Chris Grabenstein to CES.  
It was so great to hang with her!

 And leap with her!

See the woman in the hat?  That's Gennifer Choldenko!

 With Marc Nobleman
It was here that I learned that I am one of the guilty ones that was fortunate to Skype last year 
with Jonathan Auxier of The Night Gardener fame.

The headless leap because Jonathan is so tall!

Karen moved back to get the full leap!

With Matthew Cordell (you must read his new book, Wish, with a tissue by your side) 
and my friend, Loren Long

Karen told Loren that Little Tree reminded her of her upcoming retirement. Ahhh....

How lucky am I to get these guys to leap with me?
(from left: Matthew Cordell, me, Loren Long and Matthew Winner)

I am going to have to make this a two parter--Stay tuned for more reflections and of course, more leaps!  

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