Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What I Spied at the Pediatrician's Office Today!

I brought my 13 year old in for her annual physical today.  Very exciting--we moved to the other side of the office.  No more crying babies. No more Curious George posters.  Now it's the 2015 versions of "Say no to drugs."  Seriously.  But the MOST exciting part of our visit was that on our way out, next to the prize stickers, we spied these cards:

Side 1

Side 2

The first thing Tari exclaimed when she spotted the card was, "Look!  It's Ivy and Bean!"  and then she grabbed it and wouldn't let go.  It must have brought back some fond memories, you know those innocent days of 2nd and 3rd grade when she had not a trouble in the world and could just cuddle up with a good book.  Yeah, those days...

I was excited, too, but for different reasons!  I had just been mesmerized by Sophie Blackwell this past weekend when she participated on a panel in Columbus at the AASL Conference!  She was amazing!  Not only that, later she leapt with me!  Sophie is a delicious illustrator!  I was so pleased to meet her and even chat with her a bit.  She shares a work space with Brian Floca and other fine illustrators.  Sophie had a great story about how she kind of had a feeling he might win the Caldecott for Locomotive that in advance of him winning the award and before she went on a trip hiking on some remote mountain (I forget where), she had a bottle of champagne chilling in their fridge in their studio.  When he calls her to tell her he has news, Sophie says, "Check the fridge."  Man, I had to dig around for a tissue then. So moving.  

It's great that Sophie is working on this initiative.  I hope all people understand the essential value of vaccinations and take them seriously.  Here is a link from Sophie's webpage about her work on this global cause:

Here I am with the incomparable, Sophie Blackwell!  Woo-Hoo!

We look so cute with our matching headband and scarf!

I love Sophie's fist pumps with her leap!
Thanks for the JUMP!  Funny story here--while we were jumping, it looked like so much fun that Dana Walrath asked to leap with me!

I love seeing the reactions of our bystanders, including Sophie!

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  1. My son's pediatrician's office doesn't have anything like that. You would think they would want to promote books and stuff like that. The only they have are parenting magazines in the lobby and little picture books in the rooms. No stickers or posters promoting books or learning programs. They don't even have decorations.

    Paul Quinn @ Med Care Pediatric