Monday, February 29, 2016

It's February 29--Do you know where your library leapers are?

As the original "leaping librarian" today was going to be my day. That's a lot of pressure. I was going to leap in the library.  Leap in the cafeteria. Leap in the gym. The music room. The office. Well, life got in the way and I leapt a little but not as much as I would have liked on LEAP DAY! My saving grace? Everyday is leap day whether it is 2/29 or 3/1 or 4/23 or even 9/17. Whatever the day, whatever the time, there can always be a reason to leap into the next moment.

I still managed to get some leaping in, of course, and here we are:

3rd graders leaping with their country books!

More 3rd graders just plain excited to leap!

Leaping in the cafeteria with kindergarteners!

Just another leap...

More kindergarteners!

And more...Just wait till next Leap Day when they are in FOURTH grade!

Check out the girl in the grey shirt saying "Yay!"

Mrs. Pryde's first graders in the library! Jessica brought in the book,
Leopold's Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday by Dawn Desjardins, which we read aloud!

Mrs. Yager's 3rd graders 

The final leap of the afternoon!
It will be an exciting day for these kids to revisit Leap Day again in 4 years.  My plan today?  Try and recreate these pictures with the Ks and 1s.  Maybe I'll even go to the MS and find the 3rd graders just to LEAP!  Stay tuned!

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