Monday, February 29, 2016

Small group reading in first grade

Mrs. Pryde's first graders come up to the library every Monday and Thursday to read and analyze a Sarah Weeks book. Good thing she has over 50 of them! This should keep us busy for a while!

We had been reading the books aloud and completing the forms as a group until today. That's when I pulled out the six books I had that were Level 1 readers (appropriate for Geisel incidentally).  In fact, we did the math to figure out if any of the books were actually published after the Geisel award was created, and some were and some weren't.  One was even published in 1999 and one student exclaimed how that was a LONG time ago! We split into small groups for students to read together to each other and then fill out the forms in their "Sarah Notebook." Check these studious kids out: 

One of the statements on our form is "A question I have for Sarah is..."  The kids come up with the cutest questions. Of course, I can't think of one from today but the other day we read a book about a factory and they wanted to know if Sarah ever worked in a factory or if she had solar panels. Adorable. Get ready to answer these questions, Sarah, when you visit in May!

So now you can see how I had little extra time for leaping today! 

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