Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Preparing for an International Gala

Yesterday was the first day of a month long project I am doing with Mrs. Yager's third grade class. I am so excited! I love third graders!

Each student is researching a different country and then they will dress up and be interviewed as a young person from that country at an evening International Gala for parents. We will eat food from all the world, too! It's going to be awesome. 

We kicked it all off yesterday by watching a great concert by Dave Ruch. If you get an opportunity to see this guy, you should! He was great with the kids! And even though it wasn't live, it sure felt like it was! Dave would ask the kids questions and they would raise their hands and he totally responded as if he was in the room.  It was almost weird that way.  Or they would be a little chatty after something and he would respond to that as well.  I highly recommend this concert.  We learned about different instruments in different countries and sang some fun songs together.  The 45 minutes whipped by!

Today we handed out research packets and I showed the students World Book, Britannica and Culturegrams online. I also took out books for each of them from the public library (many of my copies of any of the books are so old and some countries I didn't even have, such as Benin) and share those with the students, too. We are excited to dig into the research tomorrow!

Gluing the database passwords onto research folder.
In the background, someone has already begun sketching their flag.

Of course I'm excited about what fabulous food this young lady will bring to our Gala! 

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