Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Uncovering the Facts

Today, after a short review on how to take notes, we began digging into our country research. The excitement in the room just elevated! The third graders looked like college students. Books on their laps. Laptops in front of them. Headphones on so they could listen to the Belgium national anthem. Folders and books on the floor. Research is messy and we got messy today! 

Did you know that Benin has only 10 million people? "That's WAY smaller than the US!" exclaimed Ben! "China has 1 billion people!" shared Emma. 

We realized that it is hard to find out who the current leader is and may have to dig a bit deeper tomorrow to figure it out and learn more about the different governments. 

Excellent research third graders!  Can't wait to see what you dig up tomorrow!

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