Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe

You need to meet Fenway!  As an un-dog person for 40+ years I think I finally became one.  In fact, my son begs us almost daily for one, and after reading Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe, I might be convinced...

Written from Fenway's point of view, you really get in the mind of a dog who has moved from the city to the suburbs and how all those changes affect him.  Hattie, his best buddy, changed with the move, too, and it is hard for Fenway to understand.  The "ladies" (dogs) next door try to warn him but Fenway just doesn't get it. Doesn't want to get it.  So many times you want to just bark and explain to Fenway all that is happening.  Your heart aches.  Your eyes well up with tears.  "Please FEN-way listen to me, the reader.  It will all be ok if you just relax a little and let me break it all down for you on what's going on."  Fortunately, with time, Fenway does get it.  Just not after a rising blood pressure and anxiety on the part of the reader, especially when Fenway is working on the "Easiest Job Ever."  Oh, Fenway...

I don't know how Coe did it.  The noises (the ice cream truck), the observations (the UPS truck). The squirrels. The white ball in the glove.  The evil floor.  Either she speaks "dog" or her dog speaks human, because those observations were spot on.

After reading Fenway and Hattie a dog really may be in our future sooner than I ever imagined.  Just don't tell my son I said that!

ps-I just noticed a "1" on the spine.  Could this be a first in a series?  My student dog lovers (and I) will be leaping!

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