Friday, March 25, 2016

World Gala

Meet Our International Friends

Top row: Chile, Benin, France, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Australia
Middle Row: Ireland, Spain, The Bahamas, England, Palau, Brazil
Bottom Row: Sweden, Kenya, Scotland, Mexico, India, Canada, China.  
Missing from photo: Germany

Tuesday night we had a blast in the library as we greeted, interviewed and socialized with our international friends from all over the world!  Six continents were represented with costumes, foods, language and tons of new information!  It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved! Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends all came to learn about the different countries, read the exhibits and of course, enjoy all the great food! The third graders worked so hard on preparing for this event and it showed off!  They did lots of research in books and on Britannica, World Book and Culturegrams.  Their trifolds looked beautiful and we all loved hearing about school, the landscape, the famous landmarks, the animals, and more when our "representatives" from all these countries were interviewed in front of a record crowd!  What a memorable event!
Just one of the views of the library turned World Gala

Our Belgium representative with her brother and Belgium waffles

Our friend from Greece.  That Baklava was delicious!  

If you were interested in a "spot of tea" and a biscuit,  you could find it here at the England exhibit!

Our Irish friend made these delicious "Irish potato candies" that surprisingly did not have any potatoes in them.
We all kept going back for more!

It was great for Zach to research Australia because he has family there.

Mikey came dressed in a swimsuit and flip flops.
He's smiling because the johnny cakes with pigeon peas and rice was so yummy!

Hola from Mexico!  Check out that huge bowl of salsa! Yum!

I heard these cupcakes were spicy and flavored with an Indian flare, but sadly I didn't get to taste one!

That crockpot is filled with a secret family pasta sauce recipe.  Don't even think about asking for the recipe!
Boy was it yummy!

After 4 long hard weeks of work, it all paid off with this wonderful Gala.  It was great to collaborate with Mrs. Yager and her students were wonderful!  I imagine it will be a long time before I stop associating them with their country and you know what, that's ok!

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  1. It was an amazing gala!! The whole process of collaborating, researching, planning, creating and presenting was truly a memorable experience for all of us! What a wonderful blog post! Looking forward to next year!