Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Party (PIe)time in the Library!

I never need an excuse to party.  I think I've actually mentioned that before.  Remember the big book birthday bash we had for Surf's Up?  Yeah, book releases, math symbols, author birthdays...Wait?! Math?!  Exactly.  In fact, if you knew me at all in HS and college, you would even be more perplexed!

Well, there is that unusual PI DAY--March 14.  And what better place to celebrate than in the library two months before the fabulous author of our beloved, Pie, visits on 5.10?!  So, we're throwing a bit of a party with the kids who have been working on reading EVERY Sarah Weeks book written (in and out of print) that is appropriate for first grade and those helpers I have in the library that don't necessarily work with 3.14, but do work with decimals in the Dewey Section on a daily basis.

Mrs. Balogh, a HS math teacher and math coach here at the elementary school, and the incomparable Mrs. Warland, will be helping me out as well as Mrs. Pryde, the first grade teacher.  We'll have pizza pie, apple pie, and if I'm as ambitious as I say I will be, cookies with the pi symbol on them.  We plan to have activities of course, read a little from Sarah's book, maybe even Reader's Theatre because that's one of Sarah's passions. A great way to begin a countdown to 5.10! #cantwait

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