Monday, March 21, 2016

Prepping for Monica Wellington

I am getting so psyched for Monica Wellington's visit next Friday!  The original plan was for Monica to be our guest author for our annual Grade 2/3 Read Over Sleep Over (Yes! Kids sleep at school! = Fun for kids...not so much for parents...) I asked her if she would come since we were thinking a Paris, France theme and Monica wrote a book, Crepes by Suzette.  Monica agreed so graciously and then offered to come early to do an assembly for kindergarten and Grade 1 students.  Of course, I said "Yes!"

Monica and I met about six years ago when we sat at the same table for lunch during a SSL conference.  We started chatting and when we realized that both our daughters dance, we clicked.  Of course, hers is a professional with NYC Ballet and mine was only 7 at the time but still had the same passion for ballet that she does today at 13.  We even saw Lydia Wellington one summer while she was at SPAC.  We met her back stage and she gave Tari a pair of her worn pointe shoes.  I'm still waiting for Monica to write a story about ballet...

Today I shared Apple Farmer Annie (it takes place in Kinderhook!), Zinnia's Flower Garden and Mr. Cookie Baker with Mrs. Pryde's class. The kids loved them all.  Monica frames her main illustration on each page with mini pictures from the story.  The kids loved discovering that and finding the meaningful pictures in each story.  In the back of each book, Monica includes some kind of "how to"-- In Apple Farmer Annie, it's apple recipes.  In Zinnia's Flower Garden there are hints on how to plant seeds and of course, in Mr. Cookie Baker there are cookie recipes.

I also love Monica's simple illustrations.  I love the adorableness of the people.  They are always so smily and happy.  I was joking with the kids how much I would love it if Monica drew me leaping. :-)

For today's activity, Zinnia's Flower Garden fell perfectly right into our curriculum.  Since we just finished up seasons and weather on Friday, I had the kids fold their papers in quarters and write down what Zinnia did with her seeds during each season.  I found a similar idea posted on  I love that site!

Then we read Mr. Cookie Baker and we ate the sugar cookies.  Yum!  I was going to have the students decorate them but I ran out of confectionary sugar at home to make the frosting.  Thankfully, we ran out of time and the kids didn't seem to miss it.

April 1 will be here before we know it and I can't wait. That's no foolin'!

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